Automatic cloud-based geoinformation service for subsidence, landislide and ground motion monitoring and analysis over time.

Automatic cloud-based geoinformation service platform for territorial monitoring

Automatic cloud-based geoinformation service for subsidence, landislides and groud displacement monitoring and analysis over time

Automatic cloud-based geo-information service for the continuous monitoring of coastal seawater quality and marine resources.

Continuous monitoring of water and sewer pipeline stability

A hybrid space ecosystem for Earth Observation and Earth Intelligence that enables a new satellite as-a-service model to access on-demand in-orbit resources.

The software solution for satellite test, monitoring and control.

Geo-information products, derived from satellite data, designed to provide cognitive frameworks which meet the specific needs of each field of application.

Urban monitoring and automatic satellite-based detection of illegal constructions.

Cognitive Framework for Urban Planning and monitoring of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).