Forestry & agriculture

Forestry & agriculture

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems are valuable tools for decision makers in the field of agricultural supply chain and in forestry activities supporting analisys and forecasting of crops and plants.

The role of agricultural sector in the definition of the social and economical management politics of the territory is really important. Therefore it is fundamental for decision makers and planners to count on analysis tools that allow to know the territory deeply, taking into account the complex relationships existing between its elements. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems are valuable tools to support these activities. On one side, infact, they allow an organized collection of territorial data, and on the other side, they help to establish analysis methodologies for the planning of the interventions.

Remote sensing allows to evaluate crop illness quickly and it provides also input data necessary for a good deal of applications such as: analysis of fertility, soil moisture, aimed at the forecast of crop growth. The adoption of a GIS is a valid support to the actions of producers' assistance; Planetek Italia, to this purpose, has conducted a study to realize a cartographic archive of the vineyard for the production of DOC wines, to protect and exploit Apulian Wines.

From Xylella to precision farming services.

Several research and project have demonstrated that satellite monitoring is a valuable technology to support Agriculture in crop monitoring, phytosanitary emergencies, and precision agriculture. Planetek is part of the FIXYLL project which uses drones and satellites to fight xylella fastidiosa and to develop innovative services to farms.