Space Missions

Space Missions

Definition and implementation of software for space systems for Earth Observation and Cosmic exploration missions.

Planetek has a sound experience in the design and implementation of software for ground and space systems of Earth Observation and Cosmic exploration missions. Its capabilities range from the system definition, the design and development, to the validation and the on-site delivery.

In more than 20 years of experience, we contributed to the definition and implementation of software for space missions, such as ERS, Envisat, COSMO-SkyMed, COSMO Second Generation, PRISMA, TRUTHS, Solar Orbiter, µHETsat (or MicroHETsat).

Over two decades of experience in Geoinformation (Earth Observation) solutions in cooperation with ASI and ESA, makes the company a provider of real-time systems, space software developer, compilers and programming languages implementer. We supply customised interfaces to the users to allow optimum utilization of the system resources in line with the user needs.

Moreover, we provide systems and technologies designed to receive and process satellite data acquired by the spacecraft’s instruments, to archive, disseminate, publish and share the generated products, as well as, engineering consulting services for new missions definition, feasibility studies, ground control system architecture definition, requirements specification and system design. These activities are classified as "Ground Segment" systems and technologies.

Our Space Software Portfolio includes: