Infrastructures Engineering

Infrastructures Engineering

Earth Observation techniques: using Geospatial data as a support for infrastructures design and planning

The phases of planning and design of an on-shore or off-shore infrastructure, - from railways to pipelines, from highways to dams -, must include the analysys of the environment in which this infrastructure will serve. It is fundamental to evaluate the morphology of the area, the impact of the construction activities on the environmental dynamics, the possible future coexistence between works and neighboring areas.

Planetek Italia is an expert partner in the supply, in addition to satellite images, of added value services and data, obtained by merging different sources through automatic and photo-interpretation processing techniques, useful for supporting engineering companies in their activities.

Planetek services in the field of Infrastructures Engineering:

In the field of the on-shore design, Planetek Italia provides services like:

  • Monitoring of earth's surface movements & the stability of infrastructures (Rheticus® Displacement);
  • 3D surfaces modelling and reconstruction (Digital Elevation Models) (Preciso zeta); 
  • Production of land use / land coverage maps (Preciso land); 
  • Creation and updating of cartographic layers; 
  • Vegetation / imperviousness / urbanization / urban heat islands / soil sealing maps – indexes
  • Support for Business planning in the renewable energy sector (Preciso Wind). 

In the field of the off-shore design, Planetek offers its long experience in monitoring marine and coastal ecosystems, thus supplying services of:

  • Submerged vegetation mapping (taking into account the possible distribution of species like Posidonia Oceanica);
  • Oil spill from natural and/or anthropic sources: detection and analysis;
  • Chlorophyll / Total Suspended Mapping / Temperature / Water Turbidity Mapping; 
  • Seasonal lifecycle of microorganisms;
  • Bathymetric analysis.

Rheticus® Displacement: automatic cloud-based monitoring for infrastructures and buildings.

Rheticus® Displacement is a geoinformation service designed for the monitoring of earth's surface movements, aimed at monitoring areas subject to landslides and subsidence, and the stability of infrastructures.

Rheticus® Displacement is targeted to: Infrastructures and works managers and builders; Public Administration; Planners & professionals in the territory.

Available by subscription, it provides detailed information on:

  • Check of slope stability due to slow landslides movements;
  • Analysis of the presence of phenomena of instability in the preliminary and the final phase of the planning of works and infrastructures;
  • Monitoring the impact of the works and infrastructures construction on the slope stability;
  • Check of the results of the interventions of slope stabilization.

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