In 1994 four young professionals believed in Earth observation potentiality and founded Planetek Italia, establishing their activities in Bari, Italy.

Planetek Italia S.r.l. - Benefit Company is a multidisciplinary Geographical Information Services (GIS) and Earth Observation consultancy company, which focus’s on information land management.

A challenging activity that Planetek Italia started and developed, starting from the Tecnopolis technological park in Valenzano, Bari (Italy), thanks to the business venture of its four founders Giovanni Sylos Labini, Mariella Pappalepore, Sergio Samarelli and Vincenzo Barbieri.

The History

Planetek Italia was founded in 1994 when four young entrepreneurs started its business venture and based their activities in the technological Park of Tecnopolis in Valenzano, Bari (Italy). Giovanni Sylos Labini, Mariella Pappalepore, Sergio Samarelli and Vincenzo Barbieri had the idea of starting providing products and services for geomatic and space sector, and still this is the goal of the company.

The Tecnopolis technological park was a good place to start, as the park was organized to give support to start-up companies and allowed Planetek to cooperate with professionals working in the GIS and Remote Sensing Lab of the Park.

Timeline (watch here the full screen graphic timeline):

Watch here the full screen graphic timeline



Spotlight on

Today, I want to share an exciting story centered around my workplace, Planetek Italia, and its recent publication of the 2022 Impact Report. This document reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and the crucial role each of us can play in caring for our extraordinary planet. As a company involved in space, we understand...