Organizational model

Organizational model

In order to better face changes and to be closer to our clients, we have adopted Strategic Design (Design Thinking) as our operating model and we have created Strategic Business Units segmented by market.

The organization of the company is structured into Corporate and Strategic Business Unit (SBU) functions, which constitute the Executive Committee.

Strategic Business Units are segmented by market, in order to better understand the needs of customers, while at the same time, ensuring continuity over time. The SBUs are structured to operate independently with planning, sales and production capacities. In our software development projects we use Agile and Dev-ops methodologies.

Business 2 Business
The target market consists of companies operating in the Oil & Gas, renewable energy, transports (railways, roads) sectors and engineering work and infrastructure activities. Its products range from systems for business intelligence on geographic data, to the creation of geoinformative products, to value-added data from Earth observation.

Government & Security
It offers application solutions and services in the P.A. market at national and international levels, and for the Defence, Educational and scientific research markets in Italy.

It provides geospatially powered solutions to the agencies and institutions of the European market such as the European Environment Agency, the European Defence Agency, the European Union (EC, REA, JRC, EEA, Satcen). It develops solutions for the Earth observation using optical and radar data from satellite, aircraft and drones.

It develops Spatial Data Infrastructures compliant to INSPIRE, based on the Cart@net® platform, using Free Open Source and commercial software from major vendors. It offers solutions for the creation of open data geographies and metadata catalogs.

It distributes remote sensing satellite data from major international operators through the Preciso® product family. It looks after the distribution of Hexagon Geospatial products within the Italian market.

The target market consists of space agencies (e.g. the Italian Space Agency with the COSMO-SkyMed program, and the European Space Agency with the Sentinel program); those related to them (such as Galileo) and the major players in the aerospace market.

It develops and integrates hardware and software infrastructures for the acquisition, processing and distribution of remote sensing data along their entire chain of production: from Earth Observation to Deep Space; from the Space Segment to the Ground Segment and the User Segment. The main responsibilities of the SBU fall into Systems and Software Engineering with strong verticalization towards Space Mission Analysis and Design (SMAD).


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