Copernicus for Coastal zone management

Spatial Statistics for EU Directives reporting on coastal areas

Rheticus: geoinformation as a service

Learn about how Rheticus, an automatic cloud-based geo-information service platform, provides timely information that fits the needs of a growing number of business (applications). The information is provided as a service and includes maps, reports and geospatial indexes, designed for monitoring a number of different phenomena.

Rheticus® Displacement

Rheticus® Displacement is the automatic cloud-based geoinformation service for monitoring infrastructures (buildings, railways, roads, dams, etc.) and ground structural weaknesses, developed by Planetek.

Copernicus: down-to-Earth opportunities for SMEs reaching for the stars

Euronews Channel's "Business Planet" went to Bari to meet Planetek Italia.

Planetek Hellas: 10 years in Space

A short video in Greek illustrates the activities of Planetek Hellas, the Greek sister of Planetek Italia.

Planetek 2020

Planetek 2020 is the project for the new operational model and market approach of Planetek Italia, based on  Strategic Business Units (SBU).

INSPIRE Conference 2013 Award 4 Excellence & Innovation to Planetek Italia

During the INSPIRE Conference 2013 Planetek Italia has been assigned the AWARD for Academic Excellence and Innovation in INSPIRE related to the Small & Medium Enterprises (SME's) for the innovative activities in the field of INSPIRE and SDI development.