press release 2017 July

2017 June

Planetek Italia Uses Hexagon Smart M.App Technology to Build and Deploy Geoinformation Services

Hexagon Geospatial partner Planetek Italia is using the power of the Hexagon Smart M.App to build and deploy RheticusĀ®, a cloud-based platform that delivers automatic geo-information services, designed to provide accurate data and up-to-date information about our changing world.

Based on M.App Enterprise from Hexagon Geospatial, the Rheticus geoinformation service uses a series of industry-focused Hexagon Smart M.Apps to deliver timely and accurate information to professionals and decision makers for their operations. Whether monitoring vertical displacement on the ground to identify potential problems in water and sewage pipelines or keeping track of coastal seawater quality, the Smart M.Apps delivered by Rheticus provide industry-focused answers and present information in a visual and compelling way.

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