press release 2017 May

2017 April

MM uses satellite radar interferometry to monitor ground surface movements over Milan's public sewerage network

The public sewerage network of Milan, Italy, runs for approximately 1500 km.

MM SpA (former Metropolitana Milanese SpA), the managing company of Integrated Water and Wastewater Services of the City of Milan, had been searching for a method to better understand the scenario of ground surface movements caused by the structural defect of its collector that could affect the area above the primary network and adjacent areas. The purpose was to prevent damage to surface structures (roads, buildings, services) by detecting the movements underway whose effects are not yet visible.

Thanks to the RheticusĀ® platform ( and its geoinformation service RheticusĀ® Displacement, which processes the interferometric data of Sentinel satellites, 50 points with sensitive sub-vertical movements on 24 roads with heavy traffic were identified and will be investigated in a detailed field survey.