Giulio Ceriola
Technical Manager - Geoservices
Leonardo Amoruso
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Manager
Daniela Drimaco
SpaceStream SBU – Senior Business Development Specialist
Luigi Agrimano
SpaceStream SBU - Technical Manager.
Francesca Albanese
Government & Security SBU - Business Development Specialist
Angelo Amodio
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Specialist
Michele Iacobellis
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Specialist
Eliana Andriani
Government & Security SBU - Senior Product Specialist
Daniela Valentino
Pre-Sales Technical Assistant - Government & Security SBU
Massimiliano Arcieri
Business Development Manager - Government & Security SBU



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Nicolaus Copernicus is one of the most famous astronomer, known for his revolutionary theories. A key person in Copernicus professional life was Georg Joachim Rheticus, whose support was essential to allow the publication and the dissemination of Copernicus works. Nowadays Copernicus is also the name of the Earth observation...