Mauro Casaburi

Mauro Casaburi

Government & Security SBU - Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) Senior Technical Manager

Position in Planetek Italia: Government & Security SBU - Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) Senior Technical Manager.

Education: Degree in Electronic Engineering at Università degli Studi of Salerno. He has produced several publications in the field of Geograhic Information System on the Web.

Background: Since 2002 he works for Planetek Italia as Project Manager, with main activity in the design and development of systems for Spatial Data Infrastructures on the Web and several Regional and National GeoPortals. He has gained a high capacity in the architecture of SDI systems (Spatial Data Infrastructure) that aim to implement the international standards defined by the INSPIRE directive. He has worked on numerous projects, both nationally and internationally, for the processing of spatial data for the Earth observation ground segment related to planetary missions. He has high skills in the management, design, integration and development of georeferenced databases, Territorial Information Systems and Territorial Data Infrastructures. Thanks to the role of Product Manager of Planetek Italia's flagship product called Cart@net®, together with the role of Project Manager, he has acquired high capacity to manage critical issues according to the principles of problem solving with a high orientation to business, innovation, to change and organizational integration. Furthermore, the corporate adoption of the Design Thinking methodology combined with the training of Project Management, according to the specifications listed by the PMI (Project Management Institute), he gained a cultural and methodological background that aims at optimizing the all processes in the management and control of the projects, human resources and relationships with all the relevant stakeholders.


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