Leonardo Amoruso

Leonardo Amoruso

SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Manager

Position in Planetek Italia: SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Manager.

Education: MSc degree in Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications class at the Technical University of Bari.

Background: He began his career in 2001 working on SAR data processing topics, as trainee and then external consultant, in Telespazio at the Spatial Geodesy Centre in Matera. Specifically he was involved in algorithm design and implementation in the frame of COSMO-SkyMed program. In 2002 he was a consultant in Remote Sensing classes organized by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) at the Spatial Geodesy Centre. He has matured a sound experience on SAR programs, being involved in time with COSMO, Radarsat, Envisat (ASAR), Kompsat-5 and Sentinel-1. Member of Planetek Italia since 2009, he has enlarged his background to optical data processing techniques, and on-board SW and EGSE design and implementation, being involved in the development of several satellite systems components, either part of ground or space segments.


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