Luigi Agrimano

Luigi Agrimano

SpaceStream SBU - Technical Manager.

Position in Planetek Italia: SpaceStream SBU - Technical Manager.

Education: Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, he specializes in Automation at Politecnico of Bari. He has several publications in the field of geo-information services for environmental monitoring.

Languages: Italian (mother toungue); English (fluent).

Background: Since 2002, he worked on digital signal processing of SAR data for the Envisat - ASAR program, in relation to the Calibration and Validation activities at the Space Geodesy Center of Matera, Italy, and in collaboration with Telespazio, Cosmo-SkyMed in the field of design and development of L1 processors, and for the integration and validation of the User Ground Segment, Kompsat-5, in collaboration with Thales Alenia Space Italia, about design and development of the Calibration and Validation System. Since 2015, he works in Planetek Italia, following research and development activities in the context of the parallel processing of the EO Big Data and as production manager of the SBU SpaceStream for Prisma and Cosmo Second Generation programs.


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