Vincenzo Massimi

Vincenzo Massimi

Senior Technical Specialist Rheticus®

Position in Planetek Italia: Senior Technical Specialist Rheticus®

Education: Master's Degree on Environmental Engineering at the University of Perugia. PhD in “Civil and Environmental Engineering” at the University of L’Aquila.

Background: His PhD research was devoted to the techniques of analysis and monitoring of structures, infrastructures and the environment using geomatics-based techniques with a particular focus on monitoring landslides integrating the displacement data analysis through the Artificial Adaptive Systems (AAS) pertaining to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) better understanding the landslide kinematic. He also worked on the cultural heritage monitoring using innovative techniques of survey like UAV Photogrammetry in a post-seismic scenario. As PhD fellow, he published papers on leading international peer-reviewed journals and presented work in national and international conferences.

During the graduate/post-graduate studies, he matured experience on geomatics-based techniques for the monitoring of structures, infrastructures and the environment using both classical (Total Station, levelling) and satellites technologies as Multi-Temporal Interferometry and GNSS. In 2016, he has joined Planetek Italia as Pre-Sales Technical Assistant for Rheticus® services.


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