Giuseppe Forenza

Giuseppe Forenza

Business Development Manager Rheticus®

Position in Planetek Italia: Business Development Manager Rheticus®.

Education: Master’s Degree in Communication Sciences at the Università degli Studi of Bari. MBA Executive Master in Business Administration at Spegea Business School; Master in Marketing e Comunicazione d’Impresa at Studio Valletta, Bari, Italy.

Languages: Italian (native tongue); English (C2); Spanish (B2).

Background: Giuseppe has 9 years of experience in developing business for Saas-Based / Cloud solutions in ICT.
After 2 years of experience in Sales and Quality Assurance at Netsi Telecom Italia Business Partner, from 2010 to 2012 he worked at Osel - E-learning Revolution as Head of Sales & Marketing. He managed the subscription-based B2B sales and the agreements with the Training Schools and Professional Associations.
From 2012 to 2016 at Zucchetti Macnil & Gt Alarm as Business Develpment Specialist B2B for SaaS GPS, Fleet Management and Digital Mobile Marketing solutions. He managed direct B2B sales, Resellers' affiliation, coordinating the indirect sales from Telecom Italia's TIBP and Var Network and managing sales of Localizza and Contatti Power coming from the Tim Digital Store - Market Place, based on the Ada's Licensee solutions - The Digital Box.
From April 2017 at Planetek Italia as Business Development Manager on the Italian and International market. He manages and develops the direct customers and the indirect Reseller portfolio and coordinates sales coming from the international Resellers network of Hexagon Geospatial for solutions and reference markets of Rheticus®.


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Nicolaus Copernicus is one of the most famous astronomer, known for his revolutionary theories. A key person in Copernicus professional life was Georg Joachim Rheticus, whose support was essential to allow the publication and the dissemination of Copernicus works. Nowadays Copernicus is also the name of the Earth observation...