Cristoforo Abbattista

Cristoforo Abbattista

Head of SpaceStream SBU

Position in Planetek Italia: Head of SpaceStream SBU.

Other committments: Professor of “SDI and GeoWEB” at Urban & Regional Plannning course, Venice University Institute of Architecture (IUAV).

Training: Degree in Electronic Engineering at Poltecnico di Bari, specialized in "numeric treatment of the images". He has produced several publications in the field of Geograhic Information System on the Web.

Background: in 1999 worked at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche IESI (today ISSIA) di Bari for a research in "Procedure per la rilevazione della posizione della palla in una sequenza video di una partita di calcio"; from 2000 to 2002 worked at Accenture SpA for the development of Customer Relationship Management for a big telecom company, growing his experience in the development and realization of "fault tolerant complex sistemi". From 2002 he works in Planetek Italia as Head of Space Systems, with main activity in the design and development of systems for Spatial Data Infrastructures on the Web, for satellite missions ground segment and on-board satellite data processing units, and real time Fleet management. From 2009 he is professor at IUAV.

Reference projects: Solar Orbiter, SpacePDP, PROC, Morfeo, CosMosaic, PRISMA, Pagis, Cosmo Second Generation, PLAAVI, ESA-SAPS

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