Relations & Partnership

Stakeholders & Partnership

Facilitating the spread of a geographical culture and creating positive relationships with our stakeholders

We maintain continuous relations with our stakeholders, promoting close collaboration, participating in initiatives and making our resources and expertise available to contribute to territorial and industrial growth. We are strongly committed to promoting geography and education programs to young people: traineeships, research work, workshops, meetings & events all over Italy, and sponsoring initiatives.

Industrial partnerships

Planetek Italia is Premium Partner of Hexagon Geospatial in Italy and training center for the use of the software tools included in the Power Portfolio of Hexagon Geospatial.

Planetek Italia distributes satellite remotely sensed data of main international providers.

  • Customers
    Customers, which include also the national and international agencies dealing with land monitoring, can be categorized as: public central and local governments, private companies and research institutions. We provide highly customized systems and solutions, but also products, achieving, through a continuous interaction with the customer, a better compliance with client and final users need.

Relations with the other stakeholders
Planetek Italia maintains continuous relations with its stakeholders, promoting a constant collaboration, participating in initiatives and making available its resources and expertise to a growth of the area and the industrial system.

  • NEREUS: Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies
  • Confindustria Bari
  • Costellazione Apulia: promoting social responsibility, cooperation and new models for economy
  • SUDSPACE consotium: promoting Apulian Aerospace expertises
  • Banks innovation & reseasch projects (San Paolo innovazione)
  • Universities: research projects and programmes

Geographic culture dissemination and sponsoring initiatives
We are strongly committed in promoting geography and education programmes to young people: traineeships, research works, workshops, meetings & events all over Italy, and sponsoring initiatives.


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