Tremiti islands

Tremiti islands

Tremiti Islands Tourist Information System

The Tremiti Islands Information System development was due, in part, to the need to improve the promotion of Tremiti Islands Archipelago resources, both at a national and at an international level. 
The main goal of Tremiti Islands Geographical Information System is to create a system of collection and management of historical, environmental, cultural, folkloristic and economic information, which might be useful for an effective management and promotion of the islands.

These objectives have been achieved through the following activities:

  • Collection of all environmental, social and economic data about the Islands and their integration in an Information System;
  • Development of some projects in order to spread the cultural heritage of the Islands (artistic, folkloristic, historical and archaeological information) using multimedia equipment in particular;
  • Realization of a "full time" information system for operators and tourists;
  • Realization of an innovative multimedia tourist center through the restoration of a real estate, which has an immeasurable historical and social value;

To achieve these goals, a Geographic Information System has been developed to file and process the data collected, also on maps.

Multimedia Systems

Multimedia Systems have been used to realize useful tools for consultation and distribution of tourist information.

  • A multimedia multiplatform CD ROM (for both PC and MAC), has been developed in several languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German), and is being distributed at the "Cavaliere", a building of relevant historical and cultural interest, set as a multimedia tourist terminal.
  • 4 multimedia totems have been placed in Rome and Milan airports to provide tourists with immediate information about the Islands.
  • The integration of all these systems with the Internet led to the development of a Web site, in several languages as well, which allows the spread of information at a maximum, and which provides the tourist promotion with a unique support.

Interfaces for users, such as multimedia CD ROM or the Internet Website, have been developed in order to highlight natural resources, providing also information of scientific relevance. The way to show and present natural, historical and cultural resources has been directed by the need to stimulate interest from available qualified tourist operators to generate visitors to the Islands even during low-season periods, in order to equally spread tourist presence throughout the year.

The Internet Website, as well as the multimedia CD ROM, along with standard tourist information (hotels, locations and their respective reservation systems), provides information about available Islands resources and nature, keeping an eye on the marine reserve. Additional information about Islands culture, history, archaeological significance, geology, as well as economy and climatology have also been included in the available media.

The "Cavaliere"

To provide tourists with a better support service during their staying on the Islands, the "Cavaliere", on San Nicola Island, has been restored. Part of this restoration included a multimedia tourist information point. 
The "Cavaliere" is a building of a relevant historical-cultural interest, and it has a double function.

During high tourist season it is a tourist information point and it has been assigned the task to promote and coordinate an integrated offer for tourists of all Tremiti Islands.

The second function, performed by the "Cavaliere" during all year, is to play the role of a data processing center, in order to help local Authorities in both planning and management activities.

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