Multisource 3D IMagery INTelligence

Multisource 3D IMagery INTelligence

To study, design, implement and test a computer system able to support the targeting activities of the Italian Armed Forces.

The aim of the research project 3D IMINT Based on Multi-source Earth Observation Data is to support the targeting operational activities of the Italian FFAA.

A computer system will integrate innovative IMINT methodologies into a sophisticated process, resulting in a significant improvement in the accurate recognition and classification of targets, by using, among others, accurate 3D coordinates.

An extensive and innovative use of remote sensing data and new generation of elaboration algorithms will increase the performances of targeting activities.

The key elements of the project are:

  • to adopt the 3rd dimension to increase information accuracy;
  • to derive Ground Control Points from Satellite radar data, archived in a global catalog, to increase military operations accuracy;
  • to correctly manage the geo-information assets through proper storage, updating and accessibility of the data;
  • to integrate different types of data through data fusion techniques;
  • to automate and integrate the entire process with benefits in terms of time and cost saving;
  • to introduce standardized e-learning systems.