Atlante Italiano

Atlante Italiano

The Italian cartography on the Web

In the framework of the realization of the Italian Cartographic Reference System, the Italian Ministry of the Environment in the year 2002 developed, in cooperation with Planetek Italia, a pioneer website designed to publishing and sharing the cartography of the whole Italian territory.

Over the years Atlante Italiano was awarded has one of the first comprehensive source for a national cartographic centre.

The website has been available on the Internet at the Web address for a decade, in the meanwhile re-designed with a new dress and functions. The data made available were: black-and-white and colour orthophotos at 1 meter resolution (nominal scale 1: 10.000), Maps of the Italian Geographic Military Institute (IGM, scale 1:25.000, 1:100.000, 1:250,000 1:1.000.000), and the Digital Elevation Model. The data, were compressed in ECW format, and distributed using ERDAS Image Web Server and could be displayed via the Internet both in consultation, with a common browser, and directly inside a GIS applications (for instance ESRI's ArcView).

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