ERDAS IMAGINE is ready for hyperspectral images of PRISMA satellite

ERDAS IMAGINE is ready for hyperspectral images of PRISMA satellite

The hyperspectral images of the PRISMA satellite, developed by the Italian Space Agency with an industrial consortium led by OHB Italia and Leonardo, are finally available as free and open data. These special images can now be processed with ERDAS IMAGINE thanks to the plug-in created by Planetek Italia, in cooperation with Hexagon Geospatial.

PRISMA (PRecursore IperSpettrale della Missione Applicativa) brings an advanced technology that features a hyperspectral camera with a spatial resolution of 30 meters and a medium resolution panchromatic sensor (5 meters).

Water quality, algae blooms, crop monitoring, drought and forest fire risk, air pollution: PRISMA images reveal the health of our planet, contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

PRISMA imagery is now accessible free and open. By registering on the portal, everyone can join the community of PRISMA users and access the large archive of images, download and use them, with the only limitation of the prohibition of redistribution of products to third parties and use of the products for commercial purposes.

Planetek Italia is in the front row among the Italian companies that have contributed to the success of the mission, coordinating and implementing the design and development of the geocoding subsystem of the Space-Earth Segment. As a Platinum Partner of Hexagon Geospatial in Italy, Planetek guarantees that the hyperspectral data acquired by PRISMA are correctly managed in ERDAS IMAGINE, the widespread specialized software for the processing of Earth and multisource observation data. Thanks to a special plugin, ERDAS Imagine enables PRISMA hyperspectral data management, from data import and view to the launch of automatic processes for the automatic extraction of some analytics.

"The PRISMA hyperspectral mission is an important novelty in the EO data scenario" declares Massimo Zotti, Head of the Government & Security Business Unit of Planetek Italia, "and having the ability to process and analyze these data with a user-friendly software such as ERDAS IMAGINE, allows even non-scientific users to appreciate and exploit this new and extraordinary information resource. With a pinch of pride I underline the fundamental contribution that Planetek Italia has provided boht in the mission design and deployment, and in the creation and development of the ERDAS plug-in, which will allows many innovative analysis. Among all, it is worth mentioning the applications relating to the study of marine waste for the improvement of water quality, or the recognition of minerals for the rational exploitation of resources and the extraction with low environmental impact, or even the monitoring of salt pans to mitigate the impact of production activities on the sea and on the land. These and many others are applications that contribute to the calculation of the indicators of the achievement of the objectives of the United Nations program for sustainable development, a topic that will become increasingly important in the coming years".

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