Vincenzo Barbieri

Vincenzo Barbieri

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & Head of Design Lab

Position in Planetek Italia: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & Head of Design Lab.

Education: Degree in Agronomy. Post degree corse in “Land planning and management”. He has practiced in analysis of local Public Administrations ICT requirements and in the development of land monitoring and management systems. He published articles on different issues related to GIS development for Environment applications, to systems development for land monitoring thrugh Earth Observation data, and to system development for transports and fleet management with GPS.

Languages: Italian (mother tongue); English (good).

Competencies and work experiences: as a marketing director he grew-up his experience in the business planning and marketing planning. He manages the yearly business plan. In more than a decade of work experience as an account manager he grew-up his knowledge and competencies about the market of geospatial applications for central and local Public Administration (PAC/PAL) and entities involved in land management. He managed also the marketing activities for the launch of some products and services such as image processing software (ER Mapper), the webGIS solutions (Image web Server, Cart@net) and the Earth monitoring cloud-based platform Rheticus ( He is also the manager of the corporate communication planning.


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