Antonello Aiello

Antonello Aiello

Senior Technical Specialist Rheticus®

Position in Planetek Italia: Senior Technical Specialist Rheticus®

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master of Science’s degree in Environmental Engineering at Polytechnic University of Bari. Doctor of Philosophy degree in Earth Sciences at University of Basilicata.

Background: During his post-graduate studies, he worked on the use of satellite TIR data for monitoring spatial and temporal distribution of SST. He also developed an object-based classification procedure from VHSR air- and satellite- borne data aimed at plastic-covered vineyard extraction.

After gaining his MEng with a thesis in Remote Sensing, he started his PhD in Earth Sciences. The research activity concerned the analysis of coastal dynamics and vulnerability to erosion, as well as soil erosion and degradation in coastal basins, with techniques that encompass Earth Observation by Remote Sensing, GIS, Geoprocessing, Spatial Analysis and Modelling. During the course of his doctoral experience, he was admitted to conduct some research at the Institute of Intelligent Systems for Automation of the National Research Council of Italy. As PhD fellow, he published papers on leading international peer-reviewed journals and presented work in national and international conferences.

After a period as External Consultant at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (Institute for Space, Security and Migration - Disaster Risk Management Unit), in 2017 he has joined Planetek Italia as Pre-Sales Technical Assistant for Rheticus® services.


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