Bus Satellite Control and Assistance

BUSCA (Bus Satellite Control and Assistance) is a system for real time monitoring and collection of positioning data of the fleets, in order to obtain all the information about the transport network and to spread the results to the users.
The system has been adopted by AMAT, the company of transport in Taranto.

The main objectives of the system are:

  • telecontrol and monitoring of vehicles;
  • emergencies managment;
  • support to activities of planning;
  • maintenance of the network and information to passengers.

BUSCA system is based on GPS technologies to survey the position, via radio data transmission technologies and a GIS, Geographical Information System, to manage th edata base in real time.

The data received in the head station will be managed by a system based on GIS technologies which allows to optimize the management of the fleet, to point out the operational state of the fleet and any alarm or emergency conditions, to furnish informations to the users.

To spread information to all citizens different tools will be used: displays located in nerve centers of the network, a real time updating of the web site, interrogation of the system through SMS and remote terminal as a Info Point, located in the key points of the city.

project information

AMAT Taranto
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