SEMINA - Advanced Sistems for the Intelligent Mobility in urban Agile Network

SEMINA - Advanced Sistems for the Intelligent Mobility in urban Agile Network

Information system for the management of sustainable mobility in urban areas, as part of the Bari Smart City.

The Living Lab SEMINA was created as part of the Bari Smart City program, with the goal of developing an information system for the management of sustainable mobility in urban areas.

The project stems from the need of Municipality of Bari to integrate the different mobility solutions initiated in recent years under the program Bari Smart City, in an integrated monitoring system of sustainable and intelligent
mobility in the city of Bari.

The needs expressed by the Municipality of Bari is to provide an advanced system for the management of sustainable mobility that can provide data to the Urban Control Center (UCC) sistem that the City of Bari is developing to measure its "smartness" in reference to the parameters of well-being: sustainability, inclusion, agility and innovative spirit (dynamic and creative).

The Living Lab SEMINA, as well as providing an innovative service in the field of mobility, will be a reference for all organizations and individuals involved in mobility that will contribute to the Bari Smart City

The Municipality of Bari wins the "Smart Communities prize" awarded at SMAU 2014

The first component of the Living Lab is represented by an information platform that can collect and store data ("open") on urban traffic and the behavior of the citizens in the field of mobility (use of public transport, frequency of travel using alternative transports, the employment rate of the "park & ​​ride" public transportation system, etc..) collected from different sources and methods of detection are not homogeneous. The system, through an adequate model for the analysis and the development of specific algorithms will enable the identification of critical areas of urban displacements, defining the most suitable paths for the development of sustainable mobility initiatives. The development of an innovative system for collecting data on mobility, is the second component of the Living Lab.

Through a demonstrator, consisting of a set of innovative sensors located on a park of alternative means (and in particular electric bikes) made available by the user end, the information platform can analyze the habits of movement of citizens. The application of analytical models and advanced solutions for data collection allow you to implement the Decision Support System for Mobility, whose interface with the public and with the final Audiences will be represented by "Dashboard of sustainable mobility": a set of selected indicators provide web and in open mode a complete picture of the conditions of mobility in the city of Bari. Dashboard will not, however, a tool intended for the sole use of the Public Administration; the goal of the Living Lab is to identify, in participation with the public, the manner in which the data on urban mobility can be used for the optimization of individual journeys. Through the development of appropriate "App" for mobile devices will explore the possibility that the citizen can define your own personal "individual mobility plan" that optimizes the movement by reducing the time lost in traffic.

The dashboard of the Sustainable mobility can be integrated with the '"Urban Control Center" contributing to the overall measurement of the smartness of the city of Bari.

Partners of the project Living Lab SEMINA are Planetek Italy Srl (coordinator), M&CNIL Srl and Sitael SpA, with the support of the Polytechnic of Bari. The project is co-funded by Regione Puglia under the
Apulian Ict Living Labs SmartPuglia 2020.


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