EUGENIUS: European Group of Entreprises for a Network of Information Using Space

EUGENIUS: European Group of Entreprises for a Network of Information Using Space

Earth Observation SMEs group providing Earth Observation applicative tools/services

European Group of Enterprises for a Network of Information Using Space (EUGENIUS) is a 24 months H2020 project.

EUGENIUS project aims to develop a European commercial service network consisting of a set of regional hubs in proximity to the EO (Earth Observation) needs and market of each region for Land & Natural Resources Management.

EUGENIUS project consists of Earth Observation SMEs group (TerraNIS, Spacebel, Planetek, Terra Spatium and Sertit) and a specialized consulting firm (Cap High Tech) that are providing Earth Observation applicative tools/services to the regional European markets, while furthermore is bringing benefit by exploiting the potential of Copernicus and local data usage.

In a nutshell, EUGENIUS objectives are to develop viable market based Earth Observation services that will be supplied in different European regions, to build a network of GIS platforms in each region, to industrialize applicative tools, to demonstrate the economic sustainability of the concept and prepare the network expansion and to involve end-users in the whole life cycle of the project.


EUGENIUS applicative tools are operationally used Earth observation services. The thematic areas of applicative tools are, urbanization monitoring and management, agriculture areas management and monitoring, forest monitoring and regional natural risks assessing and monitoring.

The EUGENIUS catalogue includes today a set of 14 «Applicative Tools» allowing to deliver products in 5 domains where European regions are key stakeholders.  

  • AGRICULTURE AREAS ​AND ACTIVITIES: Crop monitoring, crop identification and classification, potential yield assessment
  • FOREST MONITORING​: Forest trees species classification, ​exploitation, monitoring
  • ​URBANIZATION MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT: Densification, preservation of rural and “green” areas, transportation networks
  • WATER​: Water resources and irrigation, water quality

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THE ASSOCIATION: A network of European SME’s to boost the market of geospatial services.
The  EUGENIUS   Association was founded by nine European SME’s willing to develop a network constituted by enterprises from European regions. The ambition is to jointly deploy services to public and private customers, regional and local, which need cost effective and sustainable applications. These applications exploit the large number of geospatial information related to a territory and available today at local, regional or national levels.

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