Planetek among finalists of the EARSC Company Award 2024

Planetek among finalists of the EARSC Company Award 2024

Planetek Italia is among the top three European Companies in the EO sector selected by the EARSC Company award 2024. The winners have been awarded during EXPANDEO 2024, from 12 to 13 June 2024 in Brussels.

The top three companies were selected throught the vote of all EARSC members, representing the community of European Earth Observation companies, are the companies that best meet three evaluation criteria:

  • The successful development of EO services for a target market (sector or geographic)
  • Strong contribution to a European programme or political priorities (e.g., Copernicus, Green Deal Agenda, ESA projects, etc.)
  • Demonstrated “good” revenues and/or employment growth


EXPANDEO, the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC)’s annual event, provides a key platform for European Earth Observation companies, institutional actors and various other stakeholders to interact and network, learn about current policies and their impact on the industry, as well as reflect on challenges and explore new horizons.

The European EO community met at EXPANDEO 2024 to both celebrate the 10th edition of the EARSC Awards and the 35th anniversary of the association, and to focus on “reaching new heights”, or how policy, the green transition, commercialisation and international partnerships can come together to foster new market opportunities and put our industry on an exponential line of further growth.

Learn more: EARSC official website.