Planetek Italia awarded Welfare Champion 2022

Planetek Italia awarded Welfare Champion 2022

Tuesday, 06 December 2022, was held in Rome "Welfare Index PMI 2022", the presentation event of the 2022 Report on Corporate Welfare in Italian SMEs. Now in its seventh edition and promoted by Generali Italia, Welfare Index PMI aims to spread the culture of corporate welfare among companies.

During the event, was held the award ceremony for the 121 Welfare Champion 2022 companies, among the over 6,500 interviewed, which received high scores in the 10 areas of corporate welfare.

The initiative is an opportunity to get to know and highlight some of the best corporate welfare stories of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, which have achieved excellent results in terms of welfare and growth, and which form the backbone of the fabric economic Italian.

What is corporate welfare?

Corporate Welfare is the set of initiatives that a company can undertake for the safety and well-being of employees, their families and the social community in which it is inserted. The main areas of intervention are: supplementary pensions, health protection, insurance for employees and families, protection of equal opportunities and support for parents, reconciling work with family needs, financial support for employees and their families, training for employees and support for the mobility of future generations, safety and prevention, support for vulnerable individuals and social integration, welfare extended to the territory.

The Welfare Index PMI

Welfare Index PMI is the index that evaluates the level of corporate welfare in Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

The evaluation takes into account three factors: the breadth and content of the initiatives implemented for each of the 10 areas of Corporate Welfare, the way in which the company involves workers and manages its own Welfare choices, the originality of the initiatives and their distinctiveness in the Italian panorama. The research methodology and index construction are subject to the control of the Steering Committee, made up of Generali Italia, Confindustria, Confagricoltura, Confartigianato, Confprofessioni and experts from industry and the academic world. The Welfare Champion class identifies the group of the best SMEs in corporate welfare: this year they are just over a hundred out of a total of over 6,500 participating companies.

The Welfare Index PMI 2022 report is the result of monitoring the welfare initiatives of over 6,500 Italian SMEs in all production sectors and all size classes (from 6 to 1000 employees).

The strategic levers of Planetek Italia: corporate welfare and sustainable development

Since the launch of the Welfare Index PMI initiative seven years ago, Planetek Italia has joined, submitting the evaluation of its welfare system, in order to be able to continuously improve the quality and breadth of company initiatives.

Since 2019, Planetek Italia entered the group of companies that have distinguished themselves for excellence, winning the rating of Welfare Champion.

In 2022, Planetek Italia has decided to submit once again its welfare policies and the initiatives undertaken to the evaluation of the Steering Committee, entering the shortlist of 121 Welfare Champion 2022 companies. The jury in this edition intended to reward the strong commitment of Planetek Italia, recognizing her the rating of Welfare Champion 2022 and rewarding her as third place in the Industry sector.

Even in an exceptional and critical context due to the uncertainties about the general economic recovery and the energy crisis, the focus of Planetek Italia has been to continue along a path of growth and commitment based on the sustainability of its business, on corporate welfare, on training and support for culture and the local area.

Since 2021, Planetek Italia has adopted the status of "Benefit Company" and has included objectives of common benefit in its statute. A business model aimed at combining economic, social and environmental sustainability. In the 2021 Sustainability Report, the results of the Open-es assessment, a tool created by Eni, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud to measure Sustainability Performance, show excellent results positioning Planetek at the top levels among companies in the ICT and Aerospace.

During the period considered, we also implemented initiatives for the well-being and safety of workers, activating smart working and assisting staff throughout the period in organizing work in maximum safety, even remotely.

Lean more about Planetek Italia Benefit Company download the Sustainability Report 2021

“Caring for the well-being of our people is part of the corporate DNA; it is a value in which we strongly believe and which we try to preserve, with continuous attention to the needs of our corporate community and continuous investments.", declares Mariella Pappalepore, CFO and founder of Planetek Italia, "The implementation of welfare facilities and investments in the growth and development of people are important pieces of the path undertaken in the wake of the choice to transform ourselves into a Benefit Company. We are really proud of this recognition which encourages us to continue in the direction we have taken.”