Statement for a Responsible Space Sector signed in Paris

Statement for a Responsible Space Sector signed in Paris

Paris, 21 november 2022. Planetek Italia joined key actors of the European Space sector for the Signing Event fo the "Joint Statement for a Responsible Space Sector".

Taking advantage of the ESA Council at Ministerial level in Paris (22 and 23 November 2022), European actors from the space sector have gathered to sign a Statement for a Responsible Space Sector to express their commitment to contribute to the long-term sustainability of space projects and pave the way to work towards the socially and environmentally responsible management of all activities within the space sector.

The growing expectations of European States and citizens to address the global challenges faced by humankind encourage the Signatories in reinforcing their continuous engagement to foster sustainable development on Earth.

The aim of this initiative is to join forces and engage increasing concrete actions for a more Responsible Space Sector and a Sustainable Development of society.

Planetek Italia is proud to be one of the signatories of this important agreement. In line with our corporate vision, we will join forces with top EU organizations to both build long-term sustainable space sector, and to contribute to a more sustainable life on Earth.

What does ‘responsible space sector’ mean?

The space sector is continuously growing and is estimated to exponentially grow in the next decade, with thousands of satellites to be launched by any type of rockets. This growth can be possible only if it is done in a responsible way, so to ensure its sustainability in the long run. Not only space contributes to the sustainable development of society with services and applications, but also aims at keeping the outer space safe and secure, and to reduce its environmental footprint on Earth.

The statement has been elaborated in line with the principles from the international and European sustainability engagements such as the European Green Deal (#EUGreenDeal) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs). The European countries and organisation engaging in the signature of the statement are also a guarantee of this alignment with the European requirements regarding sustainability. Additionally, regarding the outer space sustainability, the statement is in line with the UN Long Term Space Sustainability Goals.

The signatories of the joint statement engage in acting towards a decarbonisation of the European space sector and therefore establish common targets to reduce their emissions of GHG, in line with the recommendations of the Paris Agreement of containing the increase of the surface temperature of the planet by 1,5°C by 2100.

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