Coronavirus: contact us, we are fully operational even from remote!

Coronavirus: contact us, we are fully operational even from remote!

Referring to the recent evolution of the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, we inform you that Planetek Italia, as a precaution, has decided to adopt the following prevention measures for its staff located in Italy and Greece, to be determined according to the provisions issued by the National Health Authority and Italian law.

With the aim of protecting the health of all its people and, at the same time, ensuring full continuity of service to our customers, all staff will operate in Smart Working mode until September 1st, 2020.

In this period, therefore, we will continue to fully operate, guaranteeing all services and our customers, partners and suppliers can contact us via email info (at), telephone (+39 0809644200) or social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). Our working hours in this period will be Monday to Friday h. 09,00-13,00 and h. 14,00-18,00 (CET). From July 10th to September 4th working hours on Fridays are 09,00 -  13,00 (CET). Summer closing: from 10 to 23 August 202.

Briefly, anyone in Planetek is invited to:

  • Cancel and limit international and national transfers, and to exclude participation to events and other external activities;
  • Limit any visit to our headquarters by external guests;
  • Use smart working and alternative interaction tools such as videoconferencing or teleconferencing;
  • Adopt the necessary measures to prevent common respiratory tract infections and to follow the precautions provided by the World Health Organization and the National Health Authority;
  • Consult a doctor and stay at home if suffering from flu syndrome;
  • Promptly inform the staff reference and the number 1500 and/or 112 if you suspect that you have been infected or have come into contact, even indirectly, with people who have symptoms of respiratory infection (fever , cough, breathing difficulties) and / or people at risk.

For further details download the Employer's Action Guide to Coronavirus.

We are confident our partners, suppliers, customers and stakeholders will understand and find together with us alternative solutions to meet and talk through the use of modern communication technologies. Planetek group has taken very seriously comprehensive precautionary measures in order to guarantee safety for all and with the purpose of collaborating to a faster response and solution of the disease in the common interest of the global community.