Daily territorial monitoring with PlanetScope satellites

Daily territorial monitoring with PlanetScope satellites

A picture of the whole Earth every day? Today it is possible!

In 2017, the American company Planet has launched in orbit the largest constellation of mini satellites counting more than 175 elements, able to monitor the Earth's surface every day.

This vast archive of satellite imagery collected daily at a resolution of about 3 meters is also quickly available thanks to an efficient data processing system.

Planetek Italia has signed a distribution agreement with Planet for the provision of PlanetScope satellite data to Italian customers. With this agreement Planetek complete its offer of satellite imagery and data with extremely versatile territorial monitoring services, with daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly frequency.

Thanks to flexibility gained, Planetek strengthen its capacity to provide accurate and timely geospatial analysis tailored to a growing number of users, such as: the agricultural sector, engineering, constructions, land use changes and environment, defense and security, utilities, energy and mining.

The services are provided by subscription and through an extremely intuitive interface, which allow users to select the best images on their area of interest and to download data locally or to use them through specific API services.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Monitoring capacity of 300 million square km per day
  • Extensive historical archive of data collected over the entire Earth surface
  • Ability to perform extremely versatile and accurate analysis on any AoI globally
  • Ability to monitor critical infrastructures and assets in remote or hardly accessible geographic areas
  • Data easily integrated through APIs in the most known GIS software tools (ERDAS IMAGINE, Geomedia, ArcGIS, QGIS, etc.)
  • Ability to set the desired interval of acquisition, even less than a week
  • Very fast production and provion of data and information
  • From change detection to trend analysis: there are no limits to the information capabilities available

For more information contact Planetek Italia  at Tel. +39.0809644200 or by writing at: sales @ planetek.it