Costal area monitoring and management service. System design and development. Periodical thematic information through the integration of satellite and in situ data with numerical modelling.

CoastSat, Coastal Risk Management, aims to define and analyse the main elements for the development of a system able to offer a costal area monitoring and management service by producing periodical thematic information through the integration of satellite and in situ data with numerical modelling.

CoastSat is a feasibility study funded under the Italian Space Agency into the call “Coast Monitoring and Risk Management” DC-OST-2006-026.

The coastal phenomena is analysed from different points of view in order to compose a grid that intersects the physical and technological thematic:

  • The physical thematic analysis decomposes the coastal problem in different thematic elements: flooding, erosion, subsidence, water quality and so on.
  • The technological thematic analysis takes account of mathematical models, satellite and no satellite data, hardware and software requirements.

After the analysis phase, a synthesis study is made in order to define, for each physical phenomenon, the:

  • Information that the Coastsat service users have to receive during every coasts management phases
  • Best way to generate forecast information through a complex system
  • General system architecture for every application scenarios

The last phase of the project includes both the research activities planning and design for making the system operative and the preparation of demonstrative scenarios on suitable test case.

Coastsat project has been realised by a Consortium coordinated by Planetek Italia. The Consortium includes a Group of SMEs that are leader in the space sector, and a Scientific Group that is expert in specific application fields.

The consortium includes:

  • Planetek Italia s.r.l.
  • Intecs SpA
  • Innova Consorzio
  • Carlo Gavazzi Space s.p.a.
  • National Research Council (CNR) represented by Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) and by Marine Science Institute (ISMAR)
  • Geophysics and Volcanology National Institute (INGV)
  • Italian National Agency for net Technologies, Energy and Environment (ENEA)
  • Central Institute for the Scientific and Technological Research applied to the Sea (ICRAM)
  • University of Bologna

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ASI- Italian Space Agency
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