Apulia Space

Apulia Space

Enabling Technologies in Space, Ground and User Segment

Apulia Space project faces a wide range of topics related to space sector, that are Space Exploration, Earth Observation, data acquisition and processing systems, and activities aimed to make the regional users know the valued added space products and services.

Apulia Space is composed by a Research & Development Project and by a Training Project. 

The Apulia Space R&D project’s objective is achieved through the development of the three enabling technologies that characterize the space segment.
The three enabling technologies are described below:

Enabling technologies for the Space Segment
The project's objective is the development of new Earth Observation and Space Exploration sensors, the implementation of a 5KW Hall effect electric propulsion prototype and experimental prototypes for the not conventional propulsion systems.
The activities include also the development of a numeric code and prototypes for the spacecraft re-entry in planetary atmospheres, the study of debris and hardware & software modules development for the on board data processing.

Enabling technologies for the ground segment
The actions planned in this activity are aimed to design and implement modules of a ground infrastructure for the satellite data acquisition, processing and management (Earth Observation and Space Exploration data). The present activity includes also the provision of satellite value added products and services to support the final users involved in environmental monitoring and security of citizens in their operating, management and decision-making activities.

Enabling technologies for the User Segment
In this activity, the suitable actions to make the final user closer to space value added products and services are carried out. The methods that we adopt are highly innovative and based on the constant involvement of users starting from the earliest stages of requirements definition until the results validation.
This activity includes also the arrangement of strategic development regional plan compliant with  ESA and ASI technology programmes.

The Apulia Space Training Project includes frontal lessons and a stage at Apulia Space companies’ premises.

The project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), is coordinated by DTA s.c.a.r.l. (The Apulian Technological Cluster) and the partnership includes: Planetek Italia, EnginSoft, SITAEL, IMT, GAP, CNR IMIP, CNR ISSIA, CNR ISAC, CNR IRSA, Politecnico di Bari, Università degli Studi di Bari, Università del Salento, ENEA.