AI4EO - Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation

AI4EO - Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation

Bridging the gap between EO and AI Communities. Towards a European AI for Earth Observation Research & Innovation Agenda.

AI4EO is an initiative from the Φ-lab of ESA’s Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes. The Φ-lab’s mission is to accelerate the future of earth observation, by helping Europe’s earth observation and space researchers and companies adopt disruptive technologies and methods.

The AI4EO initiative looks to foster innovation in Earth Observation (EO), through the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. The impact of AI in this domain has large environmental, societal, and economic implications, and the merging of these two domains can yield in actionable insights for scientists, as well as political and economic decision makers.

Developments in digital technologies and our capability to monitor our home planet with Earth Observation (EO) satellites have led to new opportunities for science and business. There is an increasing need to mine the large amounts of data generated by the new generation of satellites coming online, including Copernicus and New Space satellites. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an important part of the solution, enabling scalable exploration of big data and bringing new insight and predictive capabilities.

AI4EO aims to build a community connecting AI and EO experts, innovators, and researchers to build EU-wide capacity, and explore the wider potential of combined applications through a mechanism of data challenges.

Planetek Italia has the technical responsibility of the project; it is also responsible for the task related to the developing and maintaining the crowdsourcing platform. Moreover, Planetek supports its project partners in the management and organization of the various challenges for the AI and EO communities.

Participants of the challenges will be part of the AI4EO community and will access the AI4EO platform together with resources and tools.


#OrbitalAI Challenge: Fly your code to space. (Registrations 16 February - 30 June 2023)

The European Space Agency Φ-lab, Thales Alenia Space, and Microsoft are coming with an ambitious challenge to support the creation of original solutions and demonstrate how Earth observation data processed onboard satellites can benefit business, industry, and science. The competition consists of two phases with two tracks to choose from, a Φsat-2 and an IMAGIN-e (ISS Mounted Accessible Global Imaging Nod-e) track.


Previous Challenges (all closed): #AI4AirQuality - The AI4EO Air Quality & Health challenge; #AI4Sentinel2 - Agriculture; #Foodsecurity ; #Hyperview; #AutoIce.


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