Planetek Italia awarded among the most sustainable companies in Europe

Planetek Italia awarded among the most sustainable companies in Europe

Planetek Italia receives the Sustainability Hero award for Italy as part of SME EnterPRIZE, a European project that selects the best companies for a business model based on the values of sustainability.

The SME EnterPRIZE award ceremony took place in Brussels, Tuesday 28 November 2023, in the presence of representatives of the European Union institutions and presented the Sustainability Heroes selected in the ten participating European countries.

SME EnterPRIZE, now in its third edition, is a project promoted by the Generali Group dedicated to small and medium-sized European enterprises with the aim of promoting business models with strong green and social priorities and giving visibility to sustainable excellence. In the last two years, SME EnterPRIZE has reached more than 13,000 SMEs in its search for 'Sustainability Heroes'.

The SME EnterPRIZE project also involves the collaboration with SDA Bocconi - School of Management and European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME for the realization of “Fostering Sustainability in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”, the 3rd edition of the White Paper aimed at better understanding the challenges and opportunities that European SMEs have to face in their sustainability journey.

A space company with the goal of sustainability.

A commitment to sustainability that has led Planetek Italia to stand out among the other candidates, proving to be a positive and inspiring model for colleagues who want to implement sustainable practices in their businesses.

The Apulian company, active since 1994 in the aerospace sector, has always been at the forefront in pursuing a virtuous business model. A model that has allowed it to receive recognition at national level such as the Welfare Champion according to the Welfare Index PMI and the High Honor of Budget of the Industria Felix Award. Since 2021 it has formalized its commitment by adopting the status of Benefit Company and measuring the quality of its actions with the Open-ES tool by Eni and Boston Consulting Group.

“The values and practices of sustainability are part of our DNA and have found space since the foundation of Planetek Italia in 1994", said Mariella Pappalepore, Chief Financial Officer of Planetek Italia. "Being recognized as a Sustainability Hero for us means taking a proactive role in driving positive change, setting an example for other companies and showing the potential of SMEs to be champions of sustainability. Our goal for the future is to become an "activist company".

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About Planetek Italia

Planetek Italia is a Benefit Compay founded in 1994 that employs over 100 passionate and competent women and men in Geomatics, Earth sciences and software for space missions.

Thanks to its thirty years of experience, Planetek Italia provides solutions capable of making the best use of the value of geospatial data in various fields: from environmental and territorial monitoring to open-government and smart cities, to solutions for defense and security, engineering and construction, transport, utilities and energy, food resources, up to satellite missions for Earth Observation and space exploration.

In November 2022, Planetek Italia was among the first 40 European companies to sign the "Declaration for a Responsible Space Sector", an initiative of the European Space Agency that aims to provide a basis for the sustainable development of the space sector and increase the contribution of space activities for the benefit of society.

The company also joined the measurement tool made available by the Open-ES platform created by ENI, based on metrics related to the categories Planet, People, Prosperity and Governance Principles, obtaining a sustainability score of 96/100, among the highest in the sector.