Job Opportunities in Planetek

Job Opportunities in Planetek

Planetek group is still growing. Discover various job opportunities available in Bari (Italy) and Athens (Greece).

Planetek Italia and Planetek Hellas are made up of over 100 passionate and competent people in Geomatics, space solutions and Earth sciences, committed every day to identifying and designing innovative solutions which simplify the adoption and use of geospatial data to help public and private organizations to better understand the world.

Open positions in Bari:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Sistemista Informatico
  • Software Engineer
  • Space Systems Engineer
  • Space On-board Software Engineer
  • GNSS Engineer
  • Junior Software Developer
  • Junior Software Developer - Categorie Protette L.68/99
  • Geoservices Technical Specialist - Categorie Protette L.68/99

Open positions in Athens:

  • Business Development Associate
  • Mission Operations Engineer
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure Software Engineer
  • On-board Software Engineer

Planetek Italia is a Benefit Company founded in 1994 is the parent company and is active globally with the values ​​of sustainability as a reference.

Planetek provides solutions and products based on remote sensing data from satellite, aircraft and drones, and develops INSPIRE-compliant Territorial Data Infrastructures (SDI), software for satellite missions and complex systems to support decisions.

It operates in many fields of application, ranging from environmental and territorial monitoring, to open-government and smart cities, to solutions for defense and security, engineering and construction, transport, utilities and energy, food resources, up to scientific and space exploration satellite missions.

Candidates with technical profiles will collaborate in teams focused on software engineering and development and using AGILE and DEV-ops methodologies. They will collaborate in the development of the Rheticus® platform and in the design and implementation of geographic information systems.

Candidates with commercial profiles will mainly strengthen the Rheticus® team, the innovative cloud platform that provides geoinformative services for monitoring the evolution of the Earth and is rapidly expanding internationally.

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