Planetek Italia confirmed as Welfare Champion 2021

Planetek Italia confirmed as Welfare Champion 2021

The Welfare Index PMI 2021 ceremony took place on Thursday 09 September 2021 in Rome. Promoted by Generali Italia, the initiative aims to spread the culture of corporate welfare among companies and to present the Italian SMEs welfare annual Report.

Planetek Italia was honored to join the award ceremony and to be listed among the 105 Italian Welfare Champion companies.

The initiative is an opportunity to learn about some of the best corporate welfare stories that highlight the reaction and resilience capacity of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), which have obtained the 5W of the PMI Welfare Index Rating and which they constitute the backbone of the Italian economic fabric.

Since the launch of this initiative six years ago, Planetek Italia has confirmed its participation, allowing an evaluation of its welfare system, in order to continuously improve the quality and breadth of corporate welfare initiatives.

For the first three years Planetek Italia was awarded the welfare leader rating, certifying a significant level of its welfare system. Since 2019, it has joined the group of companies that have distinguished themselves for excellence in their welfare system, obtaining the Welfare Champion rating.

In 2021, Planetek Italia has decided to submit again its financial statements, and corporate welfare policies and activities to the evaluation of the scientific committee.

In this 2021, which has seen the persistence of the exceptional and critical situation due to the pandemic, the company's focus has been the well-being and safety of workers, continuing to favor the smart working activities of our people and assisting our staff throughout the period in the organization of work in maximum safety, even at a distance. Our committment was to place the social dimension of our professional life at the center of our care system. By participating in charitable initiatives, we have made our business community aware of the needs of the most disadvantaged people in the world, while at the same time trying to trigger new good practices of personal physical well-being and sharing with colleagues.

Furthermore, in April 2021, we chose to transform Planetek Italia into a Benefit Company, to strengthen our idea of ​​a generative business in which the well-being of people and environmental sustainability are the pillars of the choices and decisions we make every day.

Welfare Index PMI 2020, the index that evaluates the level of corporate welfare in small and medium-sized enterprises, in the year of Covid redesigned its fifth edition in light of the emergency, implementing an even broader and more in-depth research.

The Index is scientifically constructed: research criteria and methodology are subject to the control of a Steering Committee made up of all the project partner trade associations, institutional representatives and experts from industry and the academic world.

The initiative brings out the stories of companies that have made corporate welfare a strategic lever for their growth and, this year, to deal with the emergency and for the country's sustainable recovery.

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