Planetek will provide Eni with satellite data and services for the next three years

Planetek will provide Eni with satellite data and services for the next three years

The Italian energy company will use satellite data to gather geoinformation for a wide range of activities, spanning from engineering, to environmental monitoring, and energy transition.

Planetek Italia is pleased to announce the awarding of a three-year framework agreement (2021-2024) with Eni SpA, the Italian multinational energy company, regarding the supply of high-resolution world Earth observation imagery and services.
Satellite data and services will enhance the capacity of Eni to get valuable and operational information for its wide range of activities in the global energy sector.

The technical teams of the two Italian companies, had already the opportunity to cooperate under the previous three-year framework agreement, during which it was possible to consolidate and improve the information capabilities derived from the satellite, producing significant results.

Under the new contract, Planetek will support Eni globally with satellite-derived information in the field of energy production, both traditional and derived from renewable sources and, in particular, to support environmental monitoring and energy transition.

"We are thrilled with this collaboration," said Giovanni Sylos Labini, CEO of Planetek Italia. "Supporting a large energy company such as Eni in critical operational and decision-making activities is an important opportunity for us to continue to develop and supply state-of-the-art satellite products and value-added services, with an eye on environmental protection, and the sustainable use of resources, values that have always been at the center of our mission".