Planetek and Hera Group at HxGN Live in Las Vegas

Planetek and Hera Group at HxGN Live in Las Vegas

An all-Italian best practice have been featured at HxGN Live 2019, the international event organized by the Hexagon group that takes place in Las Vegas. Planetek Italia and Hera group have been invited to present the results of the geoinformative activities carried out to implement “the predictive analysis in the monitoring of water and sewage networks" to support maintenance activities on the networks managed by the Bologna based Multi-Utility company Hera group.

HxGN live is an international event that hosts more than 3500 participants from over 80 countries and brings together over 250 sessions, breakout sessions, case studies presented by customers, training sessions and technology courses. The HxGN Live brings together the best of experiences and knowledge, thanks to which Hexagon is able to guarantee world-class solutions and assistance at the highest levels, close to the needs of end users.

During his keynote speech at HxGN Live 2019, Hexagon Geospatial President, Mladen Stojic, explained the great benefits offered by the Information-as-a-Service model, which is at the base of monitoring and geo-analysis services provided through the Rheticus® cloud-based platform.

In detail, the keynote ended with the best practice of "Predictive Maintenance Services for Utilities Companies" that was realized in Emilia-Romagna region, Italy, with Hera Group, using Rheticus® Network Alert, the subscription-based service providing dynamic geoanalysis to continuously monitor the instability and displacements of the earth's surface taht can affect water and sewage pipes.

Video: watch the keynote and the success story of Hera group

Rheticus® Network Alert is one of the services developed by Planetek Italia integrating Hexagon Geospatial's Smart M.App technology and based on Copernicus Sentinel data.

Thanks to the flexibility of these technologies and Copernicus data, and the ability to respond to specific needs of different business, Planetek developed and launched several vertical services that are already successfully used by numerous international clients. Rheticus® Wildfires, Rheticus® Aquaculture, Rheticus® Safeway, Rheticus® UrbanDynamics are designed to respond in a timely manner to the monitoring and management needs of decision-makers and technical managers in various application areas, such as: the design and maintenance of road, railways, bridges, large plants and infrastructures, and the monitoring of areas subject to hydrogeological instabilities, aquaculture facilities or burned areas in national parks.

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