Planetek towards Industry 4.0

Planetek towards Industry 4.0

"Space is the place from which we can best take care of our Earth". To make this possible, Planetek Italia has always put forward the latest technologies, increasing its skills and a new organization of work.

This is a short summary of the topics discussed during the interview at the headquarters of Planetek Italia, which is part of the project “Ricomincio da…4”, promoted by Federmeccanica and Federmanager. In this video interview, we answer some questions regarding the organizational and commercial strategies to face the new challenges.

Through a web platform made available by Fondirigenti, companies and managers can benefit from In-Formation content dedicated to technologies, skills, work organization and financial instruments.

The aim of the project is to facilitate entrepreneurs and company managers the transition path to Industry 4.0.

Watch the interview in Italian language. (Trick: You can switch on the automatic subtitles in your language)