Window on GMES. Special Issue 2012

Window on GMES. Special Issue 2012

Window On GMES - Special Issue 2012.
Discover what GMES can do for European regions and cities. Thirteen users at local or regional level recount their experience of using GMES products and services.

Planetek Italia is involved in GMES activities since its beginning and, today, can count on its expertise and experience gained in several environment, land, urban planning, security and defence projects in the framework of GMES programme. The company contributes to this European magazine with articles describing projects activities and results.

Articles that talk about Planetek Italia and its projects.
pag. 18-19 GMES service in support of urban planning for the municipalities of North Bari, in the Puglia Region
pag. 66-73 BIO_SOS - From Space to species: Solutions for biodiversity monitoring
pag. 134-139 Wastemon - A monitoring services to improve waste management at local level
pag. 161-167 SME Corners - Interview to CEOs of four succesful SMEs

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