SpaceBIT: Big Image Tool

SpaceBIT: Big Image Tool

Very Big Image visualization and processing related to EO or scientific data.

SpaceBIT is both a desktop application and an SDK, for very Big Image visualization and processing related to EO or scientific data. By SpaceBIT the user is able to open and view images of tens GB, in standard data formats as HDF5, HDF-EOS, TIFF, JPEG.

User can browse EO image structures reading and plotting metadata, with real-time visualization, navigation , rotation, pixel localization of images, sending them to different selectable monitors.

SpaceBIT supports simultaneous visualization of different images that can be navigated in a co-registered mode too, providing real-time graphical operation on them.

User is also able to run real time processors plug-in sharing the imported EO data for image processing, filtering or analyzing.

A complete documentation manual is also available.

Download here the SpaceBIT Brochure (PDF)

Features and benefits

With SpaceBIT user can:

  • Load datasets and attributes from structured data files (HDF5, HDF-EOS, TIFF, JPEG)
  • Visualize and process big images and datasets
  • Execute processing and visualization algorithms on multicore CPUs and discrete GPUs, thanks to a GPU and SIMD multi-core CPU based acceleration engine integrating Khronos OpenGL and OpenCL API for parallel applications.
  • Plug new own algorithms for image processing, exploiting the SpaceBIT SDK acceleration engine

SpaceBIT benchmarks:

  • Load ~4GiB image from disk to memory in less than 15s
  • Create image pyramids on the fly, with in-memory caching of tiles
  • Maximize the use of Solid State Disks
  • Execute real-time image filtering at about 400fps on GPU.

SpaceBIT SDK engine framework

The desktop application of SpaceBIT is based on the SpaceBIT SDK. The SDK is a set of dynamic linking libraries, shared objects, C++11/C++17 include files, CMake scripts and executables that form an application framework.

Its main purpose is to support the development of performance critical, advanced scientific and engineering tools for processing oversized images (SAR, hyperspectral and standard) and oversized multidimensional data.

The framework provides many C++ classes, structures and functions, to:

  • Interact with the underlying operating system,
  • Read and write image pixels,
  • Read and write hierarchical metadata,
  • Interact with standard hardware platforms,
  • Accelerate processing by driving any available multicore CPU and GPU,
  • Implement a Map/Reduce scheduler over multicore CPU,
  • Implement many accelerated image processing features,
  • Implement many accelerated coordinate transformation features.

The framework provides many extension points. The most important ones, are the “Engine Registry” and the “HD/IO Filters Registries”. The first allows adding new algorithms and processing capabilities. The second allows adding new input/output formats.


Developers are able to add new functions, capabilities and processing algorithms by implementing “engine” and “io-filters” plugins.


SpaceBIT SDK provides dynamic linking libraries for the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft ® Windows10 (32bit & 64bit),
  • Linux RedHat,
  • Ubuntu Linux,
  • CentOS 7,
  • Gentoo Linux,
  • Apple ® macOS Sierra and Mac OS X,

Suitable for running on the following processor architectures:

  • Intel/AMD x86 and x86_64,
  • ARM ARMv7-A and ARMv8-A