Michele Iacobellis

Michele Iacobellis

SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Specialist

Position in Planetek Italia: Senior Technical Specialist

Education: Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, Computing Devices.

Languages: Italian (mother tongue); English (fluent);

Background: Since 1999, year of his graduation, for about 4 years, he had the chance to apply the deep and rich knowledge acquired during the challenging studies at Polytechnic of Bari in many markets, from CRM to design and development of software for control and monitoring of railway transports. Nevertheless, embedded systems for audio and video signals processing, compression and transmission capture his interest and intellectual resources, giving continuity to his master’s degree thesis and research activities. In fact, he establishes NEXOTECH s.r.l. in 2004, which designs and develops video communication and human interaction systems.

In 2007, SMA Industria SpA invites him to be a Team Leader and Product Manager of a Decision Support System for Forest Fire Alerting and Management. Once activities were successfully done, he becomes Software Architect in ALSTOM Ferroviaria SpA, as a contractor of AI2 s.r.l., to design and develop SIL4 (CENELEC 50128/50129) software applications for track circuits. In 2015, he joins the team at Planetek Italia, SpaceStream SBU, being involved in software engineering as architect and designer of space and ground systems, with a focus on heavy parallel processing of EO big data streams.


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