Giulio Ceriola
Technical Manager - Geoservices
Leonardo Amoruso
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Manager
Daniela Drimaco
SpaceStream SBU – Senior Business Development Specialist
Luigi Agrimano
SpaceStream SBU - Technical Manager.
Angelo Amodio
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Specialist
Claudio La Mantia
Senior Technical Manager Geoservices - Government & Security SBU
Francesca Albanese
Government & Security SBU - Business Development Specialist
Eliana Andriani
Government & Security SBU - Senior Product Specialist
Daniela Valentino
Product Specialist - Government & Security SBU
Massimiliano Arcieri
Business Development Manager - Government & Security SBU



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A few days ago, the big announcement of IRIDE, the Italian satellite constellation for Earth observation realized with the participation of the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana and European Space Agency – ESA.   I got several comments on how this new space mission will contribute to solving problems here on Earth. This assertion...