Giulio Ceriola
Technical Manager - Geoservices
Leonardo Amoruso
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Manager
Daniela Drimaco
SpaceStream SBU – Business Development Specialist
Luigi Agrimano
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Specialist.
Angelo Amodio
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Specialist
Michele Iacobellis
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Specialist
Francesca Albanese
Government & Security SBU - Business Development Specialist
Eliana Andriani
Government & Security SBU - Senior Product Specialist
Mauro Casaburi
Government & Security SBU - Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) Senior Technical Manager
Claudio La Mantia
Senior Technical Manager Geoservices - Government & Security SBU



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2019 is the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Planetek Italia. The achievements of today and tomorrow lay on our successfully long history in the Earth Observation (EO) by satellite. Looking at the Earth from Space is a fascinating experience, but let this experience become a useful knowledge for people and communities is a...