Daniela Iasillo
Strategic Development Manager Copernicus
Giulio Ceriola
Senior Technical Manager - Geoservices
Leonardo Amoruso
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Manager
Daniela Drimaco
SpaceStream SBU – Senior Business Development Specialist
Luigi Agrimano
SpaceStream SBU - Technical Manager.
Claudio La Mantia
Senior Technical Manager Geoservices - Government & Security SBU
Francesca Albanese
Government & Security SBU - Business Development Senior Specialist Edu & Corporate Academy
Eliana Andriani
Government & Security SBU - Senior Product Specialist
Daniela Valentino
Product Specialist - Government & Security SBU
Francesco Lacriola
Global B2B Business Development Specialist



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Today, I want to share an exciting story centered around my workplace, Planetek Italia, and its recent publication of the 2022 Impact Report. This document reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and the crucial role each of us can play in caring for our extraordinary planet. As a company involved in space, we understand...