Giulio Ceriola
Senior Technical Manager - Geoservices
Leonardo Amoruso
SpaceStream SBU - Senior Technical Manager
Daniela Drimaco
SpaceStream SBU – Senior Business Development Specialist
Luigi Agrimano
SpaceStream SBU - Technical Manager.
Angelo Amodio
SpaceStream SBU - Project Manager
Claudio La Mantia
Senior Technical Manager Geoservices - Government & Security SBU
Francesca Albanese
Government & Security SBU - Business Development Senior Specialist Edu & Corporate Academy
Eliana Andriani
Government & Security SBU - Senior Product Specialist
Daniela Valentino
Product Specialist - Government & Security SBU
Massimiliano Arcieri
Business Development Manager - Government & Security SBU



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Today, we’re diving into the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the Space sector. Have you heard about ChatGPT, the large language model developed by OpenAI? Some call it simply a ‘chatbot’; in reality, Chat GPT is much more and rapidly changes how we interface with virtuality and technology...